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Krav Maga Instructor Course

 The British Krav Maga Diploma course is one of the most comprehensive Krav Maga Instructor Courses outside of the Israeli Defence Forces.

Commences Saturday June 25th

  • Full training and professional development for Instructors
  • 18 and 9 Day attendance options
  • % Free Installment scheme
  • Live Firearms training included
  • School Mentoring & Start up Programme included

British Krav Maga - Be part of the success story

British-Krav-MagaNov15_176_webBritish Krav Maga is a nationally recognised Krav Maga organisation with a reputation for tough training, professional instructors and commercial success. British Krav Maga has grown year on year throught the recession and is currently one of the largest Krav Maga Organisations in Europe.

British Krav Maga delivers  Nationally recognised Instructor Qualifications, and is the only Krav Maga organisation recognised by the Ministry of Defence.

Our Krav Maga Instructor courses are aimed at those wanting a recognised instructor qualification from a credible natonal organisation.

Credible Instructor certification

British Krav Maga Instructor Courses focus on quality coaching and long term development of the Instructor. Our sustained growth and reputation has been built on the quality of British Krav Maga certified Krav Maga instructors and the success of their schools.

We do not offer 5 day Krav Maga certifications. These are neither credible qualifications nor beneficial for those wanting a credible Krav Mag qualification.

Instructor Certification Programme: Basic Training

British Krav Maga Instructor Training programs include detailed physical training, lectures and opportunities for attendees to teach, plan and britishkravmagainstructorexecute practice lessons. British Krav Maga offers an unprecedented level of post course support to new Instructors which includes school start up support, professional mentoring and continued professional development.

All courses are physically intense and result in a recognised teaching qualification.

Course Stucture Overview

Instructor Certification is divided into 9 Day phases of intensive training. The full certification is awarded after phase 2. An Advanced Diploma is Awarded on completion of phase 3.

  • Phase 1: Apprentice Instructor 9 Days  £900 – 25th June
  • Phase 2: Graduate Instructor 9 Days £900 – 23rd July
  • See Course Guide
Continued Professional Development

On completion of Basic Training candidates can access more advanced training. This consists of regular Continued Professional Update training and Speciality courses taught by Specialist senior Instructors. 

British Krav Maga Instructors can progress though to Intermediate and Advanced training  via an extensive curricula. Additional Specialist courses include  Firearms training, Close Protection Training,  Military, Law Enforcement and advanced Krav Maga training. Additional business and marketing courses are also included in training.


Prices and funding options can be found in the Downloadable Course Guide

Course Requirements

1. At least 3 years consistent training in a martial art (preferably boxing, mauy thai, kick boxing or MMA although other systems are acceptable) or a Credible Police or Military background
2. Ability to pass an enhanced DBS/CRB check is required. (allowances are made for old or minor issues)
3. A good standard of physical fitness. (Allowances are made for age or injuries)

% Free Installment scheme

British Krav Maga offers suitable candidates an % free course installment scheme to those booking phase 1 & 2 together. Candidates make an initial £500 deposit. The balance of the course is paid over 12 months. This offer cannot be combined with any discounted offers. There is a £99 administration fee to use the scheme. The scheme is subject to credit checks and Terms and conditions.

For Pricing – Download the course guide here

Become a licensed Instructor

British Krav Maga is not a franchise. We train and license Krav Maga Instructors.

Members receive regular training and support, professionally built websites, SEO support, marketing support and materials. We are the only Association providing this level of professional mentoring and support to instructors

Course Modules - 18 days

Phase 1 – Apprentice Instructor

History and Evoloution of Krav Maga
Introducing Krav Maga Skills
Introducing coaching and class room skills
Theory Block: Skill acquisition and learning models
Close Quarter Combat : stand up – ballistic striking and blocking
Close Quarter Combat: stand up – blocking, movement & defensive skills
Coaching block – power generation and the kinetic chain (Slow motion video and adv coaching)
Close Quarter Combat: stand up – Escapes and Releases
Close Quarter Combat: stand up – surviving edged weapons
Close Quarter Combat: stand up – surviving impact and stick type weapons
Close Quarter Combat: stand up – use of improvised weapons
Coaching Block: Weapons survival – teaching and structure
Fighting from the ground
Final Testing and Evaluation

Phase 2 – Graduate Instructor including firearms
Close Quarter Combat: Adernalised scenarios
Close Quarter Combat: Microfighting
Coaching Block: Teaching sparring and Fighting Drills
Theory Block: Stress and performance coaching
Theory Block: The Law as applies to Self Defence
Close Quarter Combat: Firearms survival
Range Day – M4, Steyr Scout and Live shooting
Theory Block: School start up and media training
Theory Block: Marketing and the role of social media
Course assessment and Final Testing Day

Apply Here
  1. Complete the application form below
  2. The BKMA Head Coach will contact you to discuss your application
  3. You may be offered a place in writing.
  4. To book your place, you will need to pay a £500 deposit. This is non refundable.
  5. There are only 10 Instructor places per course. These are strictly limited and are sold on a first come first served basis
  6. This is an assessed course. Payment does not gaurantee certification

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