The British Krav Maga Association:  Professional Coaching, National Standards


Welcome to the official website of the British Krav Maga Association.



Renowned for realistic training and professional standards, the B.K.M.A knows how to get the best out of it’s people. B.K.M.A Krav Maga is the choice of military, close protection specialists and civilians alike, making the B.K.M.A the fastest growing Krav Maga association in Europe. [More]

Become a licensed Instructor

With what is probably the toughest and most demanding instructor course in Europe, the B.K.M.A produces instructors of the highest standard. Come equipped with willpower and effort and you can expect continued professional development, business mentoring and a level of support unequaled in the field. [More]


About Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a combat system in active use by over 500 law enforcement and military agencies worldwide. Evolved, tested and proved in war, it is simple to learn, robust under pressure, and without equal in the defence and protection of life. [More]

Find a school

The British Krav Maga Association is a training community, with schools located across the UK and Europe. Selected and trained to the highest standards, each B.K.M.A Instructor is professionally certified to deliver coaching and instruction in authentic Israeli Krav Maga. [More]

Close Protection Training

With live, scenario based training and a grueling hand to hand combat section provided by the B.K.M.A, our Close Protection training is recognised within the industry as one of the most comprehensive available, far exceeding SIA requirements. [More]


Events and Bootcamps

From the famous Krav Maga Bootcamp to national B.K.M.A grading meetings, groundwork seminars to third party protection training – the British Krav Maga Association runs events that deserve a place in your diary. Keep up to date and book early to avoid disappointment.